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Feeding Freeport Since 1904

Derosier’s is Freeport’s oldest and family owned business. Spanning five generations, Derosier’s has been feeding Freeport since 1904. Philip, the current owner, is the great-great-grandson of the store’s founder, Augustus Derosier.


Augustus Derosier c.1890 (far left on rail car). Augustus earned the money used to buy his store by working on the railroad earning $1 for a 10 hour day.


Augustus with a customer. c.1925.


Philip Derosier c.1950. Philip became the 2nd Generation to own and operate the store, his daughter Alice would become the third.


Augustus Derosier c.1905. In addition to the Derosier’s store, Augustus also owned a lumber yard, worked on the railroad and built a number of the houses still standing on Royal Avenue today.


Philip Derosier c.1935. Remember when steak was 18 cents a pound? Nope, me neither.

In 1904 there was no…
Columbus Day (1937)
Father’s Day (1910)
Mother’s Day (1907)

In 1904 there were no…
Computers (1941)
Televisions (1927)
Refrigerators (1911)

In 1904 there was no…
Corn Flakes (1906)
Sliced Bread (1929)
Canned Beer (1935)

In 1904 there were no…
Frisbees (1913)
Mr. Potato Head (1952)
Barbie Dolls (1959)

In 1904 there was no…
Model “T” Ford (1908)
Penicillin (1929)
Theory of Relativity (1905)

In 1904 there were no…
Zippers (1913)
Band-Aids (1920)
Bras (1913)

In 1904 there was… DEROSIER’S!